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New leg workout for the last four weeks of my bulk.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 by  
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If you missed yesterday’s update, you will probably want to go check it out – it was a big one! I did a side-by-side photo comparison using yesterday’s monthly progress photos and my 2008 bulk starting photos, and I also announced JSF’s newest sponsor, Aram “Mastover” Hamparian.

This week I’m changing all my workouts around; these are the workouts I’ll be doing for the final four weeks of my bulk. The workouts I performed over the past five weeks were some of the toughest I’ve ever come up with, but I’m going to step it up another notch and make these new “end of bulk” workouts even more brutal. I am 100% up for the challenge: at this point in my bulk I’m in terrific shape, I’m both mentally and physically stronger than I’ve been in a long time and I’ve developed an incredible amount of momentum over the past nine weeks.

My back is feeling quite good, but as I learned last week it needs a little more time before I’ll be ready to squat heavy again. That’s OK, I can work around this little problem and still make my workouts very, very tough. So, here’s what I did for legs yesterday:

– 1×25/1×20/2×10-12/2×4-6/1×2 (1RM weight) Vertical leg press, weight increased each set
– 3 x 8-10 Stiff leg deadlifts
– 3 x Failure/Failure/Failure – DB Bulgarian split squats (triple drop sets)
– 3 x Failure/3 x Failure – Leg extensions/Lying leg curls (supersets)

The key to this workout is intensity! I took just 1 minute of rest between each set, and 2 minutes of rest between each exercise.

As I mentioned in my forum journal yesterday, Bulgarian split squats are a very tough exercise under “normal” circumstances, but they become downright evil when doing triple drop sets to failure (drop sets have no rest between each drop). It’s also significant that my legs were pre-exhausted from the leg presses and deadlifts. After the first triple drop set I felt like dying; after the second set I started to wish I actually had died on the first set; by the end of the final set I had to fight the urge to curl up into a tight ball and go to my happy place.

I’ve experienced some nice quad and hamstring growth over the past two months, but I expect that this leg workout is going to really force some new muscle. If you are looking to add some mass to your legs and are eating a caloric surplus (I would not recommend this workout if you are cutting), give this workout a try and see what you think. Keep the intensity levels high and don’t wimp out on the short rest intervals (you’ll be tempted, believe me).

Today I’ll be working my chest and triceps. I have not planned the workout yet, so I’ll post it tomorrow.

Have a great day – as always, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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