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Back feeling good for today’s workout; Forum reputation system?

Thursday, December 4, 2008 by  
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Today is my back and biceps workout. Thankfully my lower back has been 100% pain-free all week. I’m surprised by that, as I tweaked the pulled muscle again pretty good while working out last Thursday. Even though I’m not experiencing any pain right now, I’m going to play it safe and not attempt heavy deadlifts for a couple more weeks. I want to make absolutely sure the pulled muscle is fully healed up before I put a heavy load directly on it again. I do feel like I can handle cleans, so I’m going to do some hang cleans supersetted with barbell rows today. I think I’ll also throw some wide-grip lat pulldown drop sets in there. I need to take 15 minutes at some point before today’s workout and get everything planned out. This is the back/bicep workout I’ll be doing for the final four weeks of my bulk, and I want to make it a great one!

I’ve been toying with the idea of implementing a “user reputation” system on the forum. Some of you may be familiar with this concept, as many other forums use it. Basically the forum reputation system allows users to say “thanks” to members they have found helpful by adding points to their forum “reputation”. Users can also add comments when they “rep” someone. A user’s “power” (that is, the amount of weight that they have when they decide to “rep” another user) is based on a variety of factors, such as how long they have been a member, the number of posts they’ve made and the number of rep points they’ve been awarded by others. If I decide to implement this feature, I’ll post a thread with all the information you need to learn how to use it. It’s actually quite simple, and would provide some well-deserved recognition to those members who take time to help others.

Please join me in welcoming Aram “Mastover” Hamparian aboard as an Official JSF Sponsor! I’ve placed the Official “Personal Training with Aram Hamparian” Review and Discussion thread in the Fat Loss forum. Feel free to drop in and ask any questions you have, or just say hello.

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