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Weekly measurements; Eleven week comparison to 2006 bulk.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 by  
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It’s Sunday and time for my weekly tape measurements and body fat reading!

My scale weight this morning is 211.4 pounds. That’s just slightly more than a half-pound gain over the past week. I’m surprised by this, because I upped my daily caloric intake by over 500 last weekend. However, as we discussed yesterday, scale weight is by far the least important instrument in our body composition toolboxes, so let’s examine the rest of the data before making any judgment…

My 2008 bulk total scale weight gain (with 11 of the planned 13 weeks in the books) is 16.4 pounds. That’s an average weekly gain of 1.49 pounds. For those who are curious how this number compares to my 2006 bulk, back in 2006 at the 11 week mark I’d gained a total of 24.1 pounds (an average of 2.19 pounds per week). My body fat measurement back in 2006 was way off, and all but useless (this was before I started using the 7-point caliper); however, my tape measurements were very accurate, and highlight an interesting difference between these two bulks. After 11 weeks of bulking in 2006 my waist was a full two inches larger then than it is now, and my hips were 1.5 inches larger. In retrospect, it’s not like I need to see these numbers to know that I put on way too much fat back in 2006 (the 50 pounds of fat I had to lose to get back down to 6% body fat was enough proof of that, believe me), but it is nice to see that I learned from that mistake and I’m staying relatively lean this go-round.

Moving on, my body fat reading this morning is 12.9% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That’s actually a hair lower than last week’s 13% reading, but variances in caliper measurement due to the human factor are normal. I’m going to “officially” call it 13% since I’m certainly not losing fat right now.

This week’s tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show that I’ve added a quarter inch to my quads and a quarter inch to my calves. My arms and chest grew, but not quite a full quarter of an inch. My hips and waist measurements are exactly the same as last week.

Overall measurement progress looks like this: over the past eleven weeks I’ve added three quarters of an inch to my forearms, over 1.5 inches to my arms, 2 inches to my quads, an inch to my calves and over 2 inches to my chest.

All my stats, past and present, can always be found on the stats page.

I took in around 4,000 additional calories last week, and I did not gain any measurable amount of fat. Clearly the muscle I’ve added is requiring a considerable amount of fuel just to maintain it. I did show some muscle growth last week, however, so that’s good. I’m tempted to up my carbs a bit more, but I think I’m going to hold off on that for right now.

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