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Incredible leg workout; New picture; The beard stays.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 by  
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Yesterday I had the best leg workout of this bulk – period. It was one of those workouts where everything just flowed. Last week’s leg workout was also very good, but I felt like puking towards the end of it. This week I added weight to every exercise, and no matter how tough things got I just wanted more. I tore up the Bulgarian split squat drop sets like never before. I think upping my calories is part of the reason my workout was so good, but I also think that yesterday when I committed to extending my bulk by four weeks it provided me with a nice psychological boost. I’ve never worked harder in the gym than I am right now, but I’m also having a hell of a lot of fun.

I have not taken a picture of my quads yet on this bulk, so I decided to take one yesterday. You can check it out here. Because my body fat is rather high right now at 13%, my quads are not showing a great deal of definition/separation. I was able to improve that slightly by sitting down and doing a leg extension as I snapped the picture, so that’s what you’re seeing there.

As most of you know by now, I said that I was going to grow my beard out through my entire bulk. It’s already looking very unkempt at this point (over 2 months without a shave or trim). When Lisa read the news that I was extending my bulk and saw what I said in my journal about my beard, the first thing she said was, “Wait. You’re mean keeping your beard?” When I told her that I was she said, “Well, at least you can trim it now.” I said, “Er, no, actually. I said I would not shave or trim during my bulk. My bulk has been extended.” This news did not go over too well at all (“You look ridiculous” accompanied by a sarcastic gesture mocking the fullness of my beard was one of her kinder moments). I’m standing firm on this. The beard stays!

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