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Good workout yesterday; New photo; The holidays.

Friday, December 19, 2008 by  
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I had a good back workout yesterday, but it took me a little longer to complete than I would have liked. I let a some of the rest intervals drag on a bit longer than I normally would. The little bit of extra rest did help me to move more weight for more reps on almost every exercise. I’m especially happy with my hang cleans and bent-over barbell rows: I’ve added 20 pounds to each of those lifts over the past 2 weeks, and next week I’ll be adding 10 more pounds to both of those.

I posted one new photo in my journal yesterday, another back double-biceps shot.

Speaking of my back, it has felt 100% for quite some time now (as most of you know, I pulled a muscle in my lower back a few weeks ago). I’m definitely ready to do heavy squats and deads again, so I’ll be working those into my training program for the final four weeks of my bulk, which starts a week from this coming Monday. I’m very excited about doing deads again – yet another reason I’m glad that I extended my bulk for another month.

The holidays are here, and this is a time when many people slack off and make excuses. That’s why it’s so inspiring to see so many people on forum right now working their butts off, eating right, training hard, helping others and refusing to make excuses. You can enjoy the holidays without turning them into a diet and training free fall. Be sensible, and don’t lose focus on your health and training!

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