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Reputation System poll; Yesterday’s leg workout – wow.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 by  
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A couple of weeks ago I implemented a new feature on the forum: the User Reputation System. Now that it has been running for a couple of weeks, I want the JSF community to decide if we should keep this new feature. Personally I like it, and I think it’s added to our community. This is a simple YES or NO poll. The poll will run for about a week, and in the end majority will rule. Your vote is completely anonymous. Please take a moment to vote here.

Yesterday’s leg workout was the final time I’ll be performing that particular workout on this bulk. That workout is probably the toughest leg workout I’ve ever done. As a sort of fond “send off”, I decided to push myself further than ever and upped the weights by 10 pounds on every single exercise (on the triple drop set Bulgarians I added 10 pounds per dumbbell on the starting set, and 5 pounds per dumbbell on the two drop sets). I was also very strict with my rest intervals: 1 minute between sets, 2 minutes between exercises. Out of curiosity I decided to wear a heart rate monitor on the Bulgarians: at the start of the first drop my heart rate was nearly maxed at 191 BPM; at the end of the first drop it was maxed at 194 BPM, and it stayed pegged at 194 BPM during the entire final drop – and this was just the first of three triple drop sets! The minute of rest between each set felt more like 10 seconds, and then I got up off the floor and did it again. And again. Bulgarians (even standard sets) are not just an incredible exercise for the legs and glutes, they are also one heck of an HIIT cardio workout! Triple drop set Bulgarians will truly put your inner strength to the test.

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