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Incredible strength gains; Might try a bench 1RM.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 by  
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Yesterday I worked my chest and triceps, and I performed the workout as if it was the final chest/triceps workout in my bulk. I added weight to every exercise, but damned if I could tell: I equaled or surpassed last week’s reps. Right now I’m over 20 pounds lighter than I was at the end of my 2006 bulk, but I’m stronger now than I was back then on a significant number of lifts.

Speaking of strength gains, last night after my workout I looked back at my very first 2008 chest/triceps bulking workout log. In that particular workout I was doing triple drop set cable crossovers. For the past four weeks I’ve been doing quad drop set cable crossovers, and the cool thing is the weight I used on the final (fourth) drop last night was equal to what I was using on the very first set (before dropping the weight) just three months ago. I strip off 10 pounds per drop, so that’s a pretty good improvement for just three months.

Back on November 26th I equaled my best ever bench press performance (for reps), and I set this PR at a much lower body weight (over 20 pounds less). Next week when I switch all my workouts around I’m going to incorporate flat bench back into my workout, and I expect to absolutely shatter my working set PR now that I’ve got another month of hard training under my belt. I’d love to finally do a 300-pound bench press (and I’m positive I could bench that weight for at least 1 or 2 reps), but I’m worried about blowing my bad shoulder out. I’d be pretty pissed at myself if I had to end my bulk over an “ego lift”. I may try it at the very end of my bulk. We’ll see how my shoulder feels. It’s always annoyed me that I can’t say I’ve ever pressed 300 pounds, because I know I could. I hate my shoulders.

I’ve got the day off from training today, and my body will appreciate the rest. Lisa gets off from work early today, so I’m going to try and finish up my work by mid-afternoon so I can enjoy Christmas Eve.

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