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Lots of fun yesterday; New picture/videos; Today’s workout.

Friday, December 26, 2008 by  
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We had a lot of fun yesterday! I ate a lot, but I didn’t go crazy. I never felt overstuffed or uncomfortable. As expected, however, I am holding a couple pounds of water this morning. We didn’t really take many pictures yesterday. We took some pictures and video of the dogs early in the day, but then the camera was placed aside and we just sort of forgot about it. I put a Christmas video of Turtle and a new picture of Loki in my photo journal. Also, I’ve had some requests for a video overview of my home theater and theater lobby, so yesterday I posted a home theater and theater lobby tour that I shot on Christmas eve. The tour is divided into three parts. All the new media can all be found in this post.

Lisa and I both have today off from work, and Lisa’s parents decided to spend the night so they are here this morning. I think I’m going to hang out and watch movies with the family today. Depending on how late Lisa’s parents stay, I may push my delts/traps/calves workout off until tomorrow (which I normally have off from training).

It’s hard to believe that today would have been the end of my 2008 bulk if I’d not decided to extend it! Even if my bulk did end today, I would be very happy with the progress I’ve made over the past 13 weeks. That said, I know I made a good choice when I extended my bulk by four weeks. I’m extremely excited about what I’m going to accomplish with another month of hard training and big eating!

Lisa’s been bragging about how good my bulking breakfast is – especially the roasted red potatoes. As I type this the entire family is sitting in the next room waiting for me to finish this update so I can cook breakfast. I guess I’d better get in the kitchen and get things going!

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