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Working out this morning.

Saturday, December 27, 2008 by  
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I decided to take yesterday off from training, and pushed my usual Friday workout (delt/traps/calves) off until today. I’m glad that I did that, as we had family over and had a really fun day hanging out together. I think I’m going to do my workout this morning instead of my usual afternoon workout time so that I can have the rest of the day cleared to do whatever I want to do.

I’ve lost about a pound of the post-Christmas dinner bloat, but I can still feel the tightness in my joints from the remaining water I’m holding. Over the past 13 weeks I’ve only had two cheat meals (Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners), and I can honestly say that I have not craved junk food at all during this time. In fact, both times that I have gone off my usual all-natural diet have left me feeling sluggish and less than 100%. I don’t like feeling like that at all. I will have no problem sticking to my normal clean diet plan for the remainder of my bulk.

I don’t seem to be in the mood for writing this morning, so I’m just going to go get ready for my workout now. I’ll be back tomorrow with my weekly stats and measurements, so see you then!

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