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What are your goals for 2010?

The last day of 2009 is here, and I say out with the old and in with the new! Change is good, and I am using the start of the new year to set some goals that I want to achieve. Of course my goals for 2010 are not all fitness-related, and I’ll spare you the ones that are not. So here are my fitness goals for 2010: – Diet down to 8% body fat… [Read more]

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Short update; New Ubisoft Facebook app features my early progress photos.

I totally forgot about a big network upgrade I have to make this morning at one of the apartments to which my company provides service. It’s supposed to happen in like 5 minutes! This is going to be a very short update, I’m afraid. If you’re on Facebook check out Ubisoft’s new Your Shape picture progress Facebook app. This Facebook application was developed so that users of the “Your Shape” game can easily create their… [Read more]

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Do you smoke?

So I was just thumbing through a magazine, and towards the back of the magazine there was an ad for cigarettes. “Buy direct and SAVE!”, the ad proudly proclaimed. A carton of Marlboros was “only” $46.99, with a 3 carton minimum. WHAT?!?! I quit smoking almost 10 years ago, and I have not paid attention to how much the prices of cigarettes have gone up over the years… and $46.99 is a savings? By the… [Read more]

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More on my 2010 cut; Week off from training.

OK, one week from today and I’ll enter full-on cutting mode until I reach 8% body fat. If you missed yesterday’s update, I posted a broad overview of my 2010 cutting program: training split, food choices and the “rules” I’ll be following. I’ve decided to take this week completely off from training so my body can rest up before my cut starts. I’m also going to have a dietary “free week”. While I’m not going… [Read more]

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Broad overview of my 2010 cutting plans.

A week from tomorrow I’ll begin my 2010 cutting program. Over the past week or so I’ve started getting myself mentally prepared for this task, and I’ve been thinking about my meal plans. When I’m cutting or bulking I like to keep things simple, and I like to have a clear-cut set of “rules” that I simply will not allow myself to break. My rules for this cut are as follows: No missed workouts or… [Read more]

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Fun Christmas!

Christmas day was a lot of fun! After my morning workout and shower I started prepping for dinner, and the family arrived a short time later. We watched a movie while my beer braised pork and roasted root vegetable dinner was cooking. All the food came out perfectly cooked and we all ate until we were stuffed. After dinner we decided to watch another movie, but I noticed a little snoring going on around me…. [Read more]

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Christmas plans.

Merry Christmas! I’m going to go ahead and get my delts and traps workout out of the way first thing this morning. Later today Lisa’s parents are coming over and I’ll be making dinner for everyone. I really enjoy cooking for the family on holidays (I get that from my mom)! Because I just did the big turkey thing less than a month ago, today I’ll be preparing an awesome beer braised pork shoulder. I’m… [Read more]

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Half-day of work today; Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone! It looks like I might be able to get away with a half-day of work today, so I’m pretty happy about that. After work I’ll be doing my back and biceps workout, and then I’ve got to get some house cleaning out of the way. Maybe I’ll have time this afternoon to get some more practice in on the bunnyhop stand that I built last week. If you missed yesterday’s update, please… [Read more]

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The state of JSF: 2010, and beyond…

Soon we’ll be entering not just a new year, but a brand new decade! Most people associate the new year with change, and things are definitely going to be changing around here. Today I’d like to talk about some of the exciting changes you’ll be seeing on JSF in the very near future. The first major change you’ll see is the launch of our brand new sister site, JSF BodyShop™. We’re very close to launching… [Read more]

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Shoulder bothering me a little; Upcoming cut; Dieting in the new year?

It’s been years since my bum shoulder has given me any serious trouble, but my right shoulder has been protesting a bit lately. I know the pain I’m currently experiencing is a direct result of the stresses I’ve been placing on the shoulder while mountain biking; more specifically, bunny hopping. Today I’ll be training chest and triceps, and benching along with weighted chest dips are two exercises that definitely put my shoulder health to the… [Read more]

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