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New back/biceps workout; New photo.

Friday, January 2, 2009 by  
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If you are new to the site and/or missed yesterday’s update, it was a pretty big one. You can check it out here.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year’s day! I celebrated the first day of the new year with a new killer back and biceps workout. This is the back/biceps workout I’ll be doing until the end of my bulk later this month:

3 x 8-10 Dumbbell pullovers w/ 6-8 second negative
3 x 10-12 T-bar rows
3 x Close-grip (neutral) v-bar lat pulldowns
1 x 20 Deadlifts

3 x 10-12 Ez-bar curls
3 x Failure/failure/failure Hammer curls (triple drop sets)
1 x 8-10 Concentration curls (negatives)

The dumbbell pullovers were performed using extremely heavy weight. Every second of the prolonged negative felt like a minute. After the pullovers, I decided to do some T-bar rows. I love T-bar rows, and I have not done them yet on this bulk.

After my workout I took a new photo: New Year bicep pump.

With the exception of my fairly brief supplemental trap workout on Sunday, today’s workout (delts/traps/calves) will be my final workout of the week. I have not yet planned out today’s workout, so I’ll post it tomorrow morning.

Train hard! See you tomorrow…

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