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300 pound bench press attempt; New PR.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 by  
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Sorry about the unexpected outage yesterday morning from approximately 9:00 AM until 11:55 AM (EST). The core router at the datacenter where the JSF servers are located suffered a hardware failure. It took a few hours to isolate and replace the faulty hardware.

If you missed yesterday’s update, it was a special one: yesterday was the six year anniversary of this web site, and my transformation! You can check out the update here.

Yesterday I had a record-breaking chest/triceps workout. I added 10 more pounds to my bench press (last week I set an all-time personal best for 3 sets of 10-12 reps), and did three sets of 12/11/10 reps (with one minute rest between sets), breaking my PR once again!

Those of you who have been visiting this site for any length of time know that I very rarely discuss the actual amount of weight I lift. I train for hypertrophy (muscle development) and not for strength, so the weights I use are nothing more than a means to and end. That said, the concept of “Progressive Training” is very important when it comes to just about any athletic endeavor. Simply put, Progressive Training is making improvements from one workout to the next. For those who train with weights, these improvements can come in the form of increased intensity, more reps, more weight, less rest and so on. I’m actually a very competitive person (especially with myself!), so when I head into the gym I get quite fired up about improving over my last performance.

Anyway, this is one of those rare instances in which I’m going to talk about the actual weight I’m using. As I just mentioned, I’m not a powerlifter and I don’t train for strength, but I’m not weak, either; I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with moving a lot of iron a great deal. If it weren’t for some old injuries (like my bum shoulders), I’d probably lean more towards the powerlifting camp. One lift I’m confident that I’m strong enough to perform is the 300 pound bench press. All the 1RM (1 Rep Max) Calculators predict success based on my working sets. Unfortunately my bad shoulders have prevented me from trying this lift in many years. Last night I decided to go for it. I warmed up with 20 reps using the bar, then 12 reps @ 135 pounds, then 6 reps @ 225 pounds (225 pounds was my working weight last week). I slapped on 40 more pounds and did 2 acclamation reps @ 265 pounds. The first rep went up very easy and the second rep went up with just a very brief stick at one point. I was thinking, “Man, just 35 more pounds? I got this!” I loaded up the bar with the full 300 pounds and rested/focused for about 4 minutes. When I was ready I got under the bar and lifted off with no problem – my shoulders felt fine; I began to lower the weight when suddenly my right shoulder made a “popping” noise and felt like it was going to explode. I had to bail out. Thankfully my shoulder seemed OK, so I added 10 pounds to last week’s working sets and at least broke my working set PR again. So for everyone who’s ever asked me “Hey man, what do you bench”… well, now you know (sorry if you’re disappointed!)

Am I disappointed? Yeah, I have to admit that I am. I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t blow my shoulder out and end my bulk over an “ego” lift. I may have to try it again in a couple of weeks. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by – train hard!

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