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A bit on the mental aspect of making a transformation.

Thursday, January 8, 2009 by  
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I’ve been receiving a fair amount of positive feedback about Monday’s update – particularly the section in which I discuss the power of visualization. I think a lot of people who start off the new year with good intentions end up failing to reach their goals because they don’t respect how important the mental aspect of a transformation really is. Self-discipline is paramount to success, and one of the best ways I’ve found to stay focused is to keep those images of your future self so fresh in your mind that you can no longer accept looking any other way.

Remaining positive as you work towards your goal is absolutely critical. For example, when you look in the mirror and are not pleased with what you see, your thoughts can no longer be “I’m so fat, just look at me. I’ll never lose this weight.” Instead you’ve got to focus on the fact that you are actually doing something about it, and absolutely nothing is going to stop you. If you give up, that body you hate to look at in the mirror is what you’re going to be stuck with. I find that a healthy dose of anger can be a positive thing. Get mad – fighting mad. Each day is another opportunity to improve and get closer to your goal. All those days add up, believe me. Take a look at my daily photographs from my initial transformation back in 2003. Each day there was a little improvement – often imperceptible – but one day I looked in the mirror and I had visible abs! There’s nothing magical or special about what I did. Each and every person reading this has the ability to do the same, or far better. Don’t ever lose sight of that fact, especially when you feel tempted to let things slide. You can do it!

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