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Back/biceps workout report; New photo; Getting started at JSF.

Friday, January 9, 2009 by  
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I had an excellent back/biceps workout yesterday (here’s the actual workout I’m currently doing). I added 10 pounds to every back exercise, and 5 pounds to all the biceps exercises.

The dumbbell pullovers with 6-8 second negatives that I have in this workout are very intense, and an extremely effective lat-builder. Dumbbell pullovers also target the chest, but I’ve found them to be more effective as an upper back/lat exercise. The pullovers can be performed either during your back or your chest workout, and if you happen to be doing chest/back antagonistic supersets then working pullovers in is a no-brainer!

I took a new back/bicep progress photo after my workout and posted it in my photo journal on the forum.

If you are new to training and/or new to this site and some of what you’ve just read sounds confusing, don’t be discouraged! This site and the JSF Forums has resources available for trainees of all skill levels. You may wish to read my January 5, 2009 Daily news update for a brief primer on how you can use the resources here at JSF to help you reach your fitness goals.

I’d better get breakfast going and get to work. I’ve got a lot to accomplish today before my workout. Man, I sure am glad it’s Friday. It’s been a long, long week. Happy Friday!

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