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Delts workout; Balance; New photo.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 by  
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I had an excellent delts/traps/calves workout last night! I knew after my first set that it was going to be a great workout: I added 10 pounds to my overhead press and got the same reps as last week, breaking my all-time best personal record. I’m finally putting up respectable numbers for my body weight on the standing overhead barbell press, and that feels really good!

My shoulders have come a long way on this bulk. Early in my transformation I didn’t train my shoulders nearly as hard as I should have, and so I’ve been playing catch up the past couple of years. Back in the early years of my transformation I wanted big arms more than anything else, and so I put an inordinate amount of my energy into pursuing that particular goal. Well, I got my big arms alright, but they looked ridiculous attached to my weak, undeveloped shoulders. I urge those of you who are just beginning not to make the same mistake that I did; work all muscle groups with equal intensity and effort. I understand the desire to get big (speaking to those who are lifting for hypertrophy), but as you work towards that goal I strongly suggest that you always strive for balance and symmetry.

Speaking of delts, I posted a new delts progress photo in my journal last night.

I think I’m going to take advantage of the nice weather and wash my car this morning, followed by a top-down drive. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with my weekly measurements and progress report. I can’t believe there are only two weeks left to go on my bulk!

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