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Sunday stats; One week of bulking to go.

Sunday, January 18, 2009 by  
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It’s time for my Sunday measurements and weekly progress update!

My scale weight this morning is 218.8 pounds, and that is a .8 pound gain over the past week.

My total scale weight gain on this bulk (after completing 16 of 17 weeks) is 23.8 pounds, which is an average weekly gain of 1.49 pounds. The week before last I added 2.2 pounds, so looking at the past two weeks as a whole I’m right in there with a 1.5 pound average gain over the past two weeks.

My body fat reading this morning is once again 13.6% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That is identical to last week’s measurement.

This week’s tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show that I’ve added yet another quarter inch to my quads, along with a quarter inch to my hips and waist. I can’t imagine that my hips or waist measurement will increase again over the final week of my bulk, so I’m pretty sure these two measurements are going to wind up being my final “end of bulk” numbers. My waist measurement is 34 inches right now, and that’s a whopping 2.5 inches less than it was at the end of my 2006 bulk! My hips are also measuring a full inch less than they were at the end of my 2006 bulk. I’m getting ahead of myself, though: next Sunday is the final day of my bulk, so a week from today I’ll present a detailed rundown of my 2008 bulk with more stats than you probably care to read.

Here is my total tape progress sixteen weeks into my bulk: I’ve added over 1 inch to my forearms, over 2 inches to my arms, 2.75 inches to my quads, 1.25 inches to my calves, 2.75 inches to my hips/glutes and over 2.5 inches to my chest. My waist size has increased just 1.5 inches over the past sixteen weeks.

All my stats, past and present, can always be found on the stats page.

Well, this is it – the final week of my bulk starts tomorrow! I’m tired and I’m aching, but I’m going to put my head down and charge full speed ahead until I cross the finish line. I’m looking forward to a great week of intense workouts as I wrap this one up.

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