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First real test of the new servers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009 by  
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We finally had the first real test of the powerful new JSF servers yesterday! On January 21, 2009 JSF and the JSF forums received just over 10,000,000 (ten million) hits, over 60,000 unique visitors and served up just shy of a half million pages. While this was not record-breaking traffic for this site, it would have brought the old servers to their knees in a hurry. I’m pleased to report that the new servers easily handled the load. In fact, they barely even seemed to notice: the CPU load averages scarcely changed, and were well below the points where performance would be affected. I wouldn’t have even noticed the traffic had I not seen our bandwidth usage spike to near 45mbps. After seeing the old servers crash and burn every time we had a significant surge in traffic, I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to see that kind of demand met with a digital yawn, and CPU load averages that basically said, “Is that all you got?”

In the past when the servers were slammed with extremely high traffic it was stressful for me, and frustrating for the people trying to access the site. Yesterday was not only stress-free, it was highly enjoyable to see the new servers meeting the high demand so effortlessly. Clearly the new servers were an excellent investment. My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who has supported this site over the years. Members like you not only keep JSF and the JSF forums running, but you also help fund significant hardware and software purchases that benefit everyone.

I still can’t believe that tomorrow will be the final workout of my 17-week bulk. What an incredible adventure the past four months have been! I’m very much looking forward to compiling all the stats, facts and figures from my bulk and then posting a big update on Sunday morning. I’ve got some interesting/unique stats in mind for the update, so be sure and check it out!

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