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More personal records fall; New photos; Last bulking workout today.

Friday, January 23, 2009 by  
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Yesterday I was really in the mood to deadlift heavy, so I changed my workout around. I moved the deadlifts from the end of my workout to the beginning of the workout and did 3 sets of 6-8 using very heavy weight. I went for my all-time best personal record, but didn’t quite hit it. I came very close, though, and that felt great – especially because I’ve not done heavy deads in over a month.

I also decided to do heavy bent over barbell rows instead of the T-bar rows. I set a new personal record on the barbell rows, and I also set a personal record on the lat pull downs and the ez-bar curls. These past few weeks my old personal records have been falling left and right. This is definitely the strongest I’ve ever been in my life.

I took a new bicep progress photo after my workout, and I also created a comparison showing my arm progress over the past two months. This morning it occurred to me that I took an arm shot at the very beginning of my bulk, so I just created a new comparison that shows my complete arm progress over the past 17 weeks (16.75″ to almost 19″, pumped). I posted it a couple of posts after the one I just linked to, but here’s the direct link.

Today is the last official workout (delts/calves/traps) of my bulk. Last week I set new personal records on the OHP, DB laterals and bent-over DB laterals, and later today I’m going to finish off my bulk my breaking every one of those records again.

I’ll report on my final bulking workout tomorrow morning, and on Sunday morning expect a huge update with all my end of bulk stats. Of course on the following Sunday (February 1st) I’ll take my usual monthly progress photos before going on vacation.

Happy Friday!

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