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3 more personal records set yesterday; New photo; Steroids.

Saturday, January 24, 2009 by  
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Yesterday I completed the final workout of my bulk, and it was a great one! This past week has been difficult (I’m pretty tired and beat up after 17 weeks of bulking), but I felt a surge of adrenaline with the finish line finally just ahead. I broke my all-time best OHP (overhead press), standing DB lateral and bent over DB lateral personal records. Breaking those records was a very satisfying way to end what I feel has been my most successful bulk ever.

I took one final bulking progress photograph after my workout. It’s a delts and traps shot.

The subject of steroids was (tactfully) broached in my journal last night. Look, I’ll be the first to admit that results like these…

2008 Arm Bulking Progress

2008 Arm Bulking Progress

2008 delt/back/arm progress

2008 delt/back/arm progress

…in less than four months time are not typical for a natural trainee. For the record, I want to unequivocally state (again) that I do not – nor have I ever – used any kind of steroids or growth hormones. I discuss this subject as it relates to the progress I’ve made on this bulk in detail here.

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with all my post-bulk stats, facts and figures!

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