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BULK IS OVER! Final end of bulk statistics.

Sunday, January 25, 2009 by  
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My extended 2008 bulk is finally over, and I feel that it was my most sucessful bulk to date – but maybe not for the reasons you think…

While adding muscle was my primary goal, I also knew this bulk represented a critical juncture in my fitness journey. I desperately needed to get back on track after the year prior, during which I was uncharacteristically inconsistent with my training and diet. I won’t prattle on about all the things that were going on in my life during that time, because when all is said and done none of that matters. The reality of the situation is I could have done a much better job of balancing those things with the fitness side of my life, and saying anything else would be an excuse. Well, I’m not in the “excuse” business; I deal in results. Getting back on track was not easy, especially at first, but I stuck with it and made it happen.

Over the past four months I have firmly returned to the levels of consistency and dedication that I know I’m capable of; if you ask me that is the biggest triumph of my 2008 bulk.

Instead of my usual weekly stats, today I’ll be presenting a detailed look at the progress I’ve made over the past 17 weeks.

My scale weight this morning, and my end of bulk weight, is 220.2 pounds and my final body fat reading for this bulk is 13.8% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers).

I’ve created a chart that shows my various gains over the past 17 weeks. All tape measurements were taken with the MyoTape while “cold” (no pump) and flexed:

2008 BULK
[Sep 28 2008]
[Jan 25 2009]
Weight (lbs) 195 lbs 220.2 lbs +25.2 lbs
Body Fat % 11.8% 13.8% +2%
Lean Mass (lbs) 171.99 lbs 189.81 lbs +17.82 lbs
Fat (lbs) 23.01 lbs 30.39 lbs +7.38 lbs
Waist 32.5″ 34″ +1.5″
Hips 38.25″ 41″ +2.75″
Forearms 12.75″ 13.75″ +1″
Arms 16″ 18″ +2″
Thighs 23.75″ 26.5″ +2.75″
Calves 16″ 17.25″ +1.25″
Chest 42″ 44.5″ +2.5″

Average weekly and monthly gains:

2008 BULK
Weekly 1.48 Pounds 1.05 Pounds 0.43 Pounds
Monthly (31 days) 6.56 Pounds 4.64 Pounds 1.92 Pounds

Here are some fairly interesting facts that demonstrate the level of consistency I’ve managed to maintain over the past four months:

Workouts 68 67 1 missed: Nov 17, 2008 (pulled back muscle).
Meals 702 702 Perfect! No missed meals, no meals off plan.
Cheat Meals 2 2 Perfect! Only Thanksgiving & Christmas cheats, as planned.
Alcohol 0 0 Perfect! No alcohol consumed.

I ate a lot of food over the past 17 weeks:

Whole Eggs 238 Eggs
Egg Whites 2,296 Fluid Ounces
Shrimp & Fish 50.75 Pounds
Ground Beef/Steak 50.75 Pounds
Chicken Breasts 50.75 Pounds
Nitrean Protein Powder 13.42 Pounds
Red Potatoes 196.88 Pounds
Brown Rice 178.5 Cups
Sweet Potatoes 50.75 Pounds
Salad Greens 238 Cups
Broccoli 119 Cups
Olive Oil 14.88 Cups
Natural Peanut Butter 8.4 Pounds
TOTAL CALORIES (est) 385,413 Calories

I enjoyed putting these statistics together this morning; I hope I’m not the only one who found them interesting because it took forever!

Here’s a video I made this morning that shows some of the progress I made on this bulk:

I’m going to go relax and take the rest of the day off!

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