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The “all or nothing” approach – right for you?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 by  
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Aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners I have not had a “cheat” meal in four months. Even my Christmas and Thanksgiving meals were not horrible – mostly meats, potatoes and vegetables. So last night I was thinking, “Well, my bulk is over I suppose I could have pizza or something if I want to.” The funny thing is, I honestly didn’t want pizza, barbecue or Chinese food (which are my usual “go to” cheat meals). I seem to have lost my craving for junk food. Not only do those foods make me feel bloated and horrible, I always sleep very poorly after consuming junk food.

What I find interesting is that before my bulk my diet was far from clean, and – despite how bad junk food made me feel – I was still craving that crap all the time. Not too long after I forced myself to return to a 100% clean, all-natural diet (with no cheats) my cravings for junk food completely disappeared. I know some people say the “all or nothing” approach doesn’t work for them, but I also see a lot of those people (not everyone, of course) who choose to indulge once or twice per week fall completely off the wagon. Staying 100% strict with my diet always puts me in a very strong place mentally, and makes things very cut and dried. While the “all or nothing” approach may seem difficult at first, in time it becomes second nature. Of course I’m not talking about never indulging again; I’m talking about being completely strict while actively cutting or bulking.

Think about this carefully, and be honest with yourself: If you think you require cheat meals to stay “sane”, but also never seem to reach your goals, then perhaps it’s time for a new approach. There is something very satisfying about waking up each morning and knowing that the day before you did everything in your power to further your progress. You’ll start to crave that feeling, trust me. That’s the sort of craving that you want to nurture, not cravings for things that take you further from your goals. Once you get to that place nothing can stop you.

When I cut down to 6% body fat (starting on March 2) I’m going to be 100% strict with my diet and training – NO CHEATS. For me, that is the sort of atmosphere that cultivates success. I know that I will reach my goal because in my mind I’ve already done it.

No matter what approach you take, there can never be any doubt in your mind. Self-doubt is a cancer, and when it exists you don’t stand a chance. Stay positive, stay confident and stay focused!

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