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A bit more about the new Transformation Spotlight of the Month feature.

Friday, January 30, 2009 by  
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It’s the Friday before my week off from everything (work, training and updating this site), and I feel great! I am so ready for a nice break…

I’m very excited about Sunday’s big update: I’ll have my end of bulk photographs (and certainly a few comparison shots), the February “100 Challenge” will kick off (it’s not too late to enter – see the details immediately below today’s update!), and the February 2009 TSM (Transformation Spotlight of the Month) will be posted.

Speaking of the new Transformation Spotlight of the Month feature, I have received 100% positive feedback since it kicked off earlier this month. I don’t think I’ve ever done something on this site with unanimous approval! I’m extremely pleased that everyone is enjoying this new feature. I agree – it’s a wonderful addition to JSF, and I want to again thank forum member “J_W” for suggesting it and working with me to make it something unqiue and special. I think you all are really going to enjoy the February TSM. The individual that I selected returned his interview questions yesterday, and I found his story to be an extremely detailed, well-written, fascinating, honest and humble account of his very inspiring transformation.

As we move forward with the new TSM feature, my goal is to continue to present a wide-variety of transformations that will inspire, educate and enlighten. Dramatic fat loss transformations, such as the incredible January 2009 TSM (CA$ON), are only one type of transformation you can expect to see in the coming months.

Well, I’m off to eat breakfast. Thanks for stopping by – happy Friday!

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