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See you all in about a week…

OK folks, this will be my last update to this site until Monday, March 2nd. As soon as I return from my business trip I will get all my 2009 cutting materials (diet and training) ready for posting on March 2nd (which is when my cut starts). Daily updates to this site will resume on March 2nd, and – as always – I’ll be sharing the ups and downs of my latest fitness adventure. This… [Read more]

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I have my cutting diet macros.

Aram sent over my cutting diet macros this morning, and I’ll be working on creating my cutting meal plans as much as time allows. Unfortunately I’m probably not going to have enough spare time to get everything done prior to my final update before I go out of town (tomorrow). I’ll make sure to have them ready for posting when I resume my updates (and start my cut) on Monday, March 2nd. I’m excited! Unfortunately… [Read more]

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Going out of town in a couple days.

It looks like I’m going to be out of town this weekend and most of next week on business. My schedule is going to be completely crazy during this time, but at least I will have computer and gym access. When I return from my trip late next week I’ll be taking the remainder of the week off. I’m glad this trip is happening now, because my cut starts on Monday, March 2nd. While I’m… [Read more]

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Yesterday was a very busy and productive day for me, but far less stressful than last week. The big project at work that I have been toiling over for that past couple of months has been a major success in beta, and now I’m in the process of rolling it out system-wide. This deployment process is fairly labor-intensive, but not especially difficult. I’m actually enjoying this phase of the project because it’s fun to finally… [Read more]

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Training program outline for upcoming cut; Procrastination.

The big news this morning is that I just received the training program for my upcoming cut (which starts on March 2, 2009) from Aram! I’m going to need some time to get the complete program ready to post here, so today I’ll simply talk about the general outline of what I’ll be doing. On a related note, I really need to give my Training Page a makeover; over the years it’s become rather long,… [Read more]

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Wonderful day yesterday; Today’s plans.

After a pretty rough week, yesterday was my day to relax and enjoy some time off with Lisa and the dogs. We decided to postpone our weekly house cleaning until today, and instead went up to the theater and watched a movie and munched on popcorn. A bit later I cooked an incredible (if I may brag a bit) grilled NY strip steak dinner, which we enjoyed with a good bottle of red wine. After… [Read more]

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Nice end to a stressful day yesterday.

“Whew!”. That word nicely sums up how yesterday turned out. I was on pins and needles worrying that I would not have air conditioning over the entire weekend, and/or that the repairs would set me back over a grand. Well, as it turns out the company that installed the A/C system in our new home (which is now six weeks out of warranty) made an afternoon service call and took care of the repairs at… [Read more]

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Friday whining (sorry!); March “100 Challenge” open for entry.

I can’t believe I just returned from my vacation 4 days ago. It feels more like a year has gone by. I think I’m more stressed out now than I was before my vacation. Sometimes I wonder about the logic of taking a week off from work; the first week back on the job is invariably at least twice as busy and stressful as a normal week. On a bright note I did complete the… [Read more]

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When and why should you take time off from lifting?

When, how often and for how long trainees should take time off from lifting is a subject that I see come up a lot on the forums. Some people take a week off as frequently as every 4 or 5 weeks, and some people just “deload” every so often without ever taking a complete break from lifting. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle: I like to take a week completely off from training… [Read more]

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Feeling better; Looking forward to my cut!

After just a couple of days back on my regular diet I’m feeling more like my usual self. As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s not like I ate a bunch of junk food on my week off, but I guess my body was missing the usual steady stream of nutrients. Also, it occurred to me that I was pretty run down after 17 weeks of hard training, and going off my diet (and missing… [Read more]

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