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Feeling better; Looking forward to my cut!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by  
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After just a couple of days back on my regular diet I’m feeling more like my usual self. As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s not like I ate a bunch of junk food on my week off, but I guess my body was missing the usual steady stream of nutrients. Also, it occurred to me that I was pretty run down after 17 weeks of hard training, and going off my diet (and missing a lot of meals) was probably a bad idea while in that state. Anyway, I’m glad that I avoided getting sick; on Monday morning I sure felt like I was heading down that path.

I’m very much looking forward to my upcoming cut! Right now I’m taking a few weeks to sort of “coast” and get mentally prepared for the many challenges ahead. I can already feel the excitement building in me, and on March 2, 2009 I’ll come flying out of the gate and won’t slow down until I reach my goal of 6% body fat. As I did on my highly successful 2007 cut to 6% body fat, I’ll be working with my friend, JSF Forum Sponsor and professional natural bodybuilder Aram Hamparian on this cut. I know that many of you enjoy following my progress, and so I’m very pleased that Aram and I have reached a special agreement that will allow me to post my complete diet and training (this client/trainer information is normally confidential). Expect to see a lot of that information over the next few weeks!

I’ve made a very nice dent in my post-vacation workload, but today I need to shift gears a bit and do my best complete a major project that I’ve been working on. If all goes well, I’ll start deploying the project tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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