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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 by  
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Yesterday was a very busy and productive day for me, but far less stressful than last week. The big project at work that I have been toiling over for that past couple of months has been a major success in beta, and now I’m in the process of rolling it out system-wide. This deployment process is fairly labor-intensive, but not especially difficult. I’m actually enjoying this phase of the project because it’s fun to finally see my baby come to life and thrive in the “real-world”. It will take about three days to complete this phase of the project, and then it’s on to the next one.

Sometimes my job is frustrating and demanding, but I always love working on big projects that challenge my skills. I guess my on-the-job work ethic is no different than my attitude in the gym: give me a challenge, push me past my limits, take me outside my comfort zone… do all of that and more, just please don’t bore me!

Speaking of projects, I’ve been working on something in my spare time that is related to JSF. I can’t really talk about it yet (sorry to be so vague), but this is something that I’m quite excited about. As soon as I can say something publicly I will. In the meantime, I’ll be diligently plugging away in the background.

I’m late for breakfast, so I’d better get in the kitchen. Have a great day!

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