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Update on the past few weeks.

Over the past few weeks I’ve made a few updates to my photo journal on the forum, but I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to touch base with the readers of JSF… When I went to bed on Thursday, March 19, Turtle seemed fine: she leaped up on the bed, rolled around while I scratched her belly and curled up next to me, just like she does every night. Around 2:30 AM… [Read more]

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Taking some time off..

The news on Turtle is not good. The cancer has spread to her lungs, and her doctor was unable to remove the tumor regrowth on her tongue. The tumor is much wider than it was the last time it was removed, and so taking it out would cause her to lose a large part of her tongue. Both her regular veterinarian and her cancer specialist recommended against the operation because the recovery from such a… [Read more]

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Turtle update.

I hit the weights yesterday like a man possessed. I think all the stress and emotion I’ve been feeling lately came pouring out in the gym. I have a feeling that today’s chest workout is going to be equally as fierce… I’m in a huge rush this morning because I have to have Turtle at her veterinarian’s office in less than an hour. She’s going in for surgery to remove the tumor regrowth that I… [Read more]

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Leg day!

Today begins week #2 of my cut, and this week I’ll be performing a whole new set of workouts. You can check out the actual workouts and all the details on my 2009 cut training page. Normally when I’m cutting or bulking I take a complete set of measurements every Sunday morning and then report my progress here. I wasn’t feeling like myself over this past weekend, and I didn’t take any measurements or a… [Read more]

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I got drunk last night.

Well, I said that I was not going to consume any alcohol during my cut, but last night I really tied one on. I was upset about Turtle, and I guess I just wanted everything to go away for awhile. Thankfully a few drinks was the extent of my deviation from the cutting plan: I didn’t drunkenly gorge myself on junk food or anything like that. Normally my willpower is as strong as steel, but… [Read more]

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A few moments ago I saw Turtle scratching at her face. I checked the back of her tongue (where the first cancerous tumor was discovered back in August), and there is a new tumor growing there. Turtle has been undergoing experimental malignant melanoma treatments for the past six months and, until this morning, the treatments seemed to be working. Seeing the new growth was like taking a knife to my heart. I feel numb and… [Read more]

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Enjoying my workouts so far; Sinus headache yesterday; Brief forum downtime.

Today’s workout (delts & triceps) will complete my first week of training for my 2009 cut. So far I am really enjoying the workouts that Mastover put together for me. This past week I did POWER exercises for my legs and back, and next week I’ll be doing chest and delts POWER exercises. In addition to the change in POWER muscle groups worked, I’ll also be doing completely different workouts for everything else. I think… [Read more]

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Crazy days at work; Today’s back/biceps workout.

Man, work has been kicking my butt lately. I’ve been so busy with my work that I’ve had little time (outside of training, of course!) to do much else. The projects that I’ve been working on are very mentally taxing and fairly stressful; by the end of the day I feel totally drained. Yesterday I got news that things are going to get even busier, which I find difficult to comprehend. Please don’t mistake what… [Read more]

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First week of my cut going very well!

Yesterday’s chest workout may have been relatively low volume, but the entire workout consisted of supersets and tri-sets. My training session was over in less than 30 minutes, but when I walked out of the gym I was drenched in sweat, out of breath and very tired. I really enjoyed the workout. This morning my legs are destroyed. Monday’s leg workout was quite difficult, and I could tell as early as Monday evening that an… [Read more]

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A couple of additional notes about my cut; First day report.

If you missed yesterday’s update, I posted my complete 2009 cut diet and training plans. Yesterday I forgot to mention a couple of things that relate to the general principles I’ll be following on this cut… First of all, there will be no cheat meals. I am going to stay 100% on my planned diet until I reach my goal of 6% body fat. As I’ve learned through trial and error over the past six… [Read more]

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