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2009 cut starts today: complete training program and diet.

Monday, March 2, 2009 by  
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I enjoyed a fairly relaxed diet and somewhat lighter training regimen during the five weeks between my 2008 bulk and my 2009 cut. This brief period of time to sort of coast along helped me recharge my batteries and gave my body a chance to fully recover from my brutal 17-week bulk. Today marks the start of my cut back down to 6% body fat, and the fun and games are over. It’s time to get serious with my diet and training again, and I’m feeling positive and fired up!

As most of you already know, this year I’ll once again be working with my friend, forum sponsor and professional natural bodybuilder Aram “Mastover” Hamparian. Aram has designed a custom diet and training program for me (which will, of course, be modified as my cut progresses), and he has generously allowed me to post it here. For more information on Aram’s customized diet and training programs, please check out his web site, www.mastover.com.

First, let’s take a look at my diet plan. As you can see, I’ll be eating three distinct meal plans each week: one plan for days when I train with weights, one plan for non-weight training days, and a specially modified higher carb diet on back day. Normally leg day would get the extra carbs, but since legs are not exactly a weak area for me and my traps continue to suck, back day gets the extra carbs.

I have chosen foods that I enjoy. In fact, most of the foods are the same foods as I ate during my bulk (including red potatoes, which are my favorite). On training days anywhere from 37% – 46% of my food intake will come from carbs. It’s going to be so nice not to walk around in a low carb fog, and I should have plenty of energy in the gym – even in a caloric deficit.

Moving on to my training program, Mastover has designed some very exciting and challenging workouts for me. As I mentioned before I went out of town last week, I will be redesigning my jumbled training page as soon as I have time. In the meantime, I made a special new page just for this year’s cut: 2009 cut training page. The information on that page covers my weight training and cardio, and should be fairly self-explanatory. For my leg workout I’ll be choosing squats and romanian deadlifts as my two power exercises.

Well, it looks like another very busy work week lies ahead of me, but I you can bet that I will make the time to perform each and every workout. The only thing separating me from my shredded 6% body fat summer physique is a few months of hard work. No problem!

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