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A couple of additional notes about my cut; First day report.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 by  
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If you missed yesterday’s update, I posted my complete 2009 cut diet and training plans.

Yesterday I forgot to mention a couple of things that relate to the general principles I’ll be following on this cut…

First of all, there will be no cheat meals. I am going to stay 100% on my planned diet until I reach my goal of 6% body fat. As I’ve learned through trial and error over the past six years, the “all or nothing” approach is what works best for me. I’m definitely at my best when I’m single-minded in the pursuit of my goals, and so there will be no distractions or deviations from the plan.

As implied in the above paragraph (but worth a separate mention to be perfectly clear), I will not be consuming any alcohol at all for the entire duration of my cut. I didn’t consume any alcohol on my past bulk, and I feel that my choice to abstain made a big overall difference. I realize that some people – many of whom are considerably more knowledgeable about the human body than I – feel that moderate use of alcohol is not a hindrance to fat loss and/or muscle building. Well, I disagree with those people. Alcohol is, in fact, a poison; I can’t get my head around how a moderate amount of poison is “as good” as ZERO amounts of poison. I know I sleep better, feel better and train better when I’m completely abstaining from alcohol, so that’s the end of the debate (at least for me).

Yesterday was the first day of my cut, and everything went perfectly to plan. My training session (legs) was awesome! My new diet is taking some getting used to (I have to keep my diet plan open all day to make sure I don’t miss anything), but after a few days it will be second nature.

I need to go get breakfast started, so I’m going to sign off now. Later today I’ll be training chest, and will be doing some difficult supersets and tri-sets. Should be fun. Train hard, and I hope you have a great day!

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