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Enjoying my workouts so far; Sinus headache yesterday; Brief forum downtime.

Friday, March 6, 2009 by  
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Today’s workout (delts & triceps) will complete my first week of training for my 2009 cut. So far I am really enjoying the workouts that Mastover put together for me. This past week I did POWER exercises for my legs and back, and next week I’ll be doing chest and delts POWER exercises. In addition to the change in POWER muscle groups worked, I’ll also be doing completely different workouts for everything else. I think that the variety in my workouts is going to bode well for long-term sustainability. I also like the exercise choices and the structure of the workouts. I’m really having a lot of fun in the gym!

Yesterday was a very productive day at work, but I also had a splitting sinus headache all day long. Ah, spring time. The headache finally went away before I went to bed last night because I broke down and took some MucinexD (I hate taking any medication unless I feel it is absolutely critical to do so). Lisa swore that the MucinexD would help, and she was right.

I had to take the forums down yesterday afternoon for about 15 minutes. I normally try to never take the forum down for maintenance without warning, especially at peak times, but there was a security upgrade that I felt needed to be performed immediately. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I’m running a few minutes behind, and I have a lot to accomplish today. I’d better go get my breakfast going and get to work. Happy Friday!

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