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Update on the past few weeks.

Monday, March 30, 2009 by  
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Over the past few weeks I’ve made a few updates to my photo journal on the forum, but I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to touch base with the readers of JSF…

When I went to bed on Thursday, March 19, Turtle seemed fine: she leaped up on the bed, rolled around while I scratched her belly and curled up next to me, just like she does every night. Around 2:30 AM on Friday morning I woke up to find Turtle at the very bottom the bed, which is extremely unusual. I called to her, and she seemed like she wanted to come, but could not stand. I got up, flipped on the light and called to her again. She struggled to her feet and, before I could stop her, she jumped off the bed and collapsed on the floor with a painful cry. Turtle was in agony: she was panting, her eyes were glazed with pain, she could barely walk and she cried out when she tried to move. She manged to limp out to the back yard, but at some point it became too much for her and she cried out from the darkness, refusing to take another step. I had to go out into the yard and help her in. We barely made it into the house. I manged to get her in one of the comfy doggie “day beds”, and then dragged her into the bedroom. As we lay on the floor together, I was overwhelmed with grief because my friend of eleven years was in terrible pain, and there was nothing I could do. I knew we only had a few hours left together…

The next day our vet came out to the house to end Turtle’s suffering. Turtle died in my arms around 12:45 PM on Friday, March 20, 2009.

After speaking with Turtle’s cancer specialist, it seems that the most likely thing that happened was one of the tumors in her lungs burst open. This would explain the suddenness and severity of the pain.

Turtle was much more than “just a dog” to me. She was a family member who I loved like any other family member. For more than a quarter of my life she was part of everything I did. Even when I was away I’d think about her often, and wonder what she was doing. We shared a bond that was truly special.

These past few weeks have been extraordinarily difficult. I am healing, however, and slowly returning to normal….

I’ve not trained in weeks, my sleep has been terrible and my diet has been total crap. Today all that changes: I’m rebooting my 2009 cut, getting back to my regular diet and will resume my training.

I am going to resume my daily updates to this site within a week.

I want to again thank everyone for their unbelievable support during this difficult time.

Goodbye, old girl…

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