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Just three days in, and I feel so much better.

I’m only three days into my cut and I already feel 100% better. Since Monday morning I’ve dropped 3.4 pounds of (mostly) water weight, and I feel far less bloated and puffy than I did just two days ago. Also, last night I slept like a baby for the second night in a row; this morning I woke up feeling completley refreshed and highly alert. After almost a month of extremely poor sleeping habits, it’s so nice to get up in the morning feeling rejuvinated and well-rested once again! The cutting diet I’m following consists of healthy, all-natural foods, and my body is responding extremely well to a proper diet after a month of “convenience” junk food. Finally, my entire body is aching from the past couple of workouts (here’s my 2009 cut training program), and I love it.

The hardest part of my “comeback” so far has been the loss of strength. It’s been a bit of a blow to my ego to struggle with weights that I was throwing around with ease just a couple months ago. I’m such a competative person (especially with myself) that any sort of backsliding really grinds my gears. Of course being so competative has its advantages, too: the loss of strength pisses me off enough to make me really dig in and work my butt off!

Today is a cardio-only day, and I’ll be doing some HIIT this afternoon. HIIT is not only a great fat burner, but it will also help improve my cardiovascular fitness level in a hury. I’ve certainly felt a bit more winded than usual while doing this week’s weight training workouts, so I’m going to hit those intervals hard this afternoon!

Before I sign off this morning I’d like to thank everyone for their very nice welcome back emails, PMs and posts. It’s great to be back doing what I love again, and I’m feeling very positive and highly motivated.