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Solid week; My plan for dealing with weekend temptations.

Saturday, April 11, 2009 by  
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I’m really happy with how the past week has gone: I performed all my workouts and cardio sessions, didn’t miss any meals, didn’t eat any meals off my planned diet, got plenty of rest and drank lots of water. I feel like I’m firmly back on track, making solid forward progress and starting to build momentum. Tomorrow morning I’ll take all my usual weekly measurements and body fat reading, and will post/evaluate those numbers here (and I will do this every Sunday for the remainder of my cut).

Last night I definitely had some cravings, but (thankfully) nothing like those that I experienced on Thursday evening! This weekend will be a challenge because the weekends present the most opportunities to slack off. More specifically, I’m going to have to resist the very strong temptation to have popcorn while watching movies up in the theater. In fact, I may not watch any movies this weekend to sort of take away that temptation while I’m still getting my “all or nothing legs” under me. Perhaps staying active, doing projects around the house and working in the yard would be a very good idea at this stage of my cut.

Enjoy your Saturday – back tomorrow with more!

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