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Made it happen; Shifting priorities.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by  
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I really did not feel like working out yesterday afternoon…

Yeah, yesterday I was feeling pretty irritable and hungry most of the day, and as the time for my leg workout drew closer my inclination was to skip it and continue sulking. It’s interesting how sometimes we have urges to resist the very things that we know would make us feel better. Of course I knew from experience that a hard workout was precisely what I needed to shake off the funk I was in, but it took every ounce of resolve I had to get off my butt and actually make the effort. Man, after just a few sets my mood improved 100%. By the end of the workout I felt awesome! I’m very happy that I didn’t allow myself to take the easy road, and I was well rewarded for my self-discipline.

As I mentioned earlier this month, after this cut I’m done cutting and bulking. While I don’t regret that I’ve had the cutting and bulking experience (heh, many times), this is no way for me to live. Once this cut is over I’m going to focus on maintaining sub-10% body fat levels while making slow, steady progress towards improving my overall symmetry. When I started this journey all the way back in 2003, getting ripped was my main goal. As the years rolled by, my goals have continued to evolve; now that I’ve entered my 40s, overall health & fitness levels, functional strength and lifestyle/dietary balance are presenting themselves as my top priorities. Does that mean I’m doing to stop doing isolation exercises? No, but I can tell you that maintaining 18″ guns is not something I really care much about at this point in my life.

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