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AtLarge’s new “Novus” protein bar review.

Friday, April 17, 2009 by  
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I placed my regular order with AtLarge Nutrition on Monday, but this time around I decided to order some their brand new Novus protein bars (both flavors). As usual, all my stuff shipped out the same day I ordered it and arrived at my home on Wednesday afternoon. The shipment came in just before meal number 4 (normally Nitrean + oats), so I decided to substitute a “Mint Cookie” Novus bar for that meal…

The Novus protein bars each contain 338 total calories, consisting of 36g protein (a complex of whey protein, soy isolate protein, hydrolyzed protein, whey isolate protein and glutamine peptides), 3g net impact carbs (31g total carbs/28g sugar alcohols) and 6g fat. There are also quite a few vitamins and minerals in each bar. Complete nutrition information can be found here. As I mentioned, there are 28 grams of sugar alcohols, so if you are sensitive to stuff like maltitol be aware of that. Personally I’ve never experienced any stomach problems when consuming sugar alcohols, nor has Lisa.

The first thing I noticed is that these protein bars are hefty and dense: each bar weighs 90g, and is quite large. This was a relief, because some protein bars I’ve tried are small, lightweight and not very filling.

Coming from AtLarge, I expected Novus to be good, but I was completely blown away by the taste of the Mint Cookie bar. I’ve never had a protein bar that I truly enjoyed until now. I really felt like I was a eating a candy bar. The bar was very chocolaty, with just the perfect hint of mint. I know tastes are subjective, but I can’t imagine how anyone could not love this protein bar. It was absolutely delicious!

About 15 minutes after I ate the Novus protein bar, I felt quite full and satiated (and – simply because it tasted so much like a candy bar – a little guilty!)

I very rarely eat protein bars, but I will definitely be keeping some Novus bars on hand for those times when I need a quick meal on the go.

Lisa, on the other hand, eats protein bars nearly every day. She took a “Cookie Dough” bar to work, and called me after trying it. She said it was the best protein bar she’s ever had, and that she’s definitely switching to Novus. She shared her bar with two of her co-workers, and they both loved it as well (one ordered a box that same day). I tried a bite of the “Cookie Dough” flavor, and it tasted like delicious cookie dough dipped in chocolate. Just awesome.

AtLarge has a real winner on their hands here. I’m seriously impressed with this protein bar, and I think you all will be, too. Give them a try and be sure to post your thoughts in the AtLarge Nutrition review and discussion thread.

Now is a great time to place an order because AtLarge is running an exclusive JSF 10% off sale! Details are immediately below. Hurry – sale ends on Sunday.

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