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Awesome weekend; Lunch meeting; Leg day.

Monday, April 27, 2009 by  
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What a great weekend! The weather here was absolutely incredible, so I spent a good deal of time outside working in the yard and detailing the cars. It seemed like everyone was outside enjoying the weather. One of the things I love about my neighborhood is how active everyone is: I see people out walking with their families and dogs, jogging and riding bikes all the time. Oh, and for the past three days a pair of mocking birds have been flirting with each other in my gardens! I really hope they nest somewhere in my yard. Some of you may remember the mocking birds that built a nest in a Nellie R Stevens Holly at my old house (youtube video). It was so much fun watching the chicks hatch and fledge, and I’d really like to see that again.

Today I have a lunch meeting. In the past what I would have done is eat just before the meeting, not eat with anyone at the restaurant and then have another meal waiting in my cooler in case it was time to eat before I got back home. Today I’m going to take what I think is a more balanced approach. I’m going to eat with everyone else at the restaurant, and I’ll just try to pick something fairly healthy from the menu. I’m not taking a cooler, and if the meeting runs long then I’ll just have to be a little late on my next meal. I’m not going to stress about it at all.

Today is leg day! Normally I eat at my desk and then take my lunch hour around 3:00 PM to lift, but the lunch meeting is going to alter that plan. I’m probably going to do my workout around 6:00 PM instead of my usual time, which I don’t mind doing at all. I’ve worked out first thing in the morning, mid-day and at night and there are things I like and dislike about all of those times. I can’t say I strongly favor one time over another, but if I had to choose I think the mid-day slot works best for me. I like having a few meals under my belt when I hit the gym, and hitting the weights in the middle of the day provides me with a nice mental boost that lasts for the rest of the afternoon.

Speaking of work, I’d better get to it. Thanks for stopping by!

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