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Yesterday’s lunch meeting, and the train wreck that followed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 by  
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Yesterday’s lunch meeting was at a gourmet deli, so finding something somewhat healthy to eat was pretty easy. I decided to have roast turkey breast on rye, no mayo and no fries. When we first sat down I knew there’d probably be questions, so I preemptively gave everyone the 30 second version of my new attempt to balance the health and fitness side of my life with the other parts of my life. There were smiles and nods in agreement, and that was that. Actually everyone I work with has always been really cool about my “weird” eating habits and that sort of thing, so I didn’t think anyone would make a big deal about this, either. I’m glad the subject of my diet was just a very brief blip on the radar before we got down to business. The sandwich was darn good, too.

I’m not going to whine about some of the difficulties that I’m going through right now with regards to my employment. I’ll just say things at work are a bit tenuous at the moment, and that yesterday when I got home from the meeting I felt tired, stressed out and weak (mentally). I pretty much fell apart: I skipped my next meal and skipped my workout. After work I poured a drink and ordered a pizza. Sigh. Of all the ways to deal with stress what I did was immediately gratifying, but clearly not very healthy. I’m not proud of how I handled things yesterday, and admitting it here this morning just adds salt to my wounds. But hey, I did it and this journal is about honesty. I can’t do anything about yesterday, but today I’m going to own up to my mistake and do better.

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