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More changes…

Thursday, April 30, 2009 by  
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I don’t know what it was that had me feeling so crappy yesterday, but by mid-afternoon I felt completely fine. This morning I feel fantastic! Weird. Maybe it was all the pollen and stuff that’s floating around now. Anyway, I’m glad it turned out to be nothing.

I’ve been taking posed progress pictures since January 2003. For the first 479 days I took 2 photos every single day without fail. After that, I started taking the photos every month and have continued that to this day. That’s well over one thousand pictures – plus there are hundreds of other photos, mostly taken after my workouts. That’s a lot of pictures. There was a time that these posed progress pictures were very important, but at this point in my life I no longer see the point in them. I’ve really grown to resent my self-imposed “requirement” that I take these pictures on such a ridged and structured time line. From here on out I’ll be taking pictures whenever the hell I feel like it, and in whatever format I like.

As most of you who read these updates know, I’ve been feeling pretty boxed in lately. Health and fitness will always be very important parts of my life, but for more than six years those things have absolutely ruled my life and dictated just about everything I do. I’m simply at a point where I must make some changes or I’m going to burn out. [insert midlife crisis joke here]

I love working out. I love eating right. I love updating this site every morning. I love watching people on the forum get in shape and reach their goals. All of these things bring me an immense amount of joy, and I don’t want to ever get to the point where that changes. So, I’m making adjustments that I feel are necessary to ensure that never happens.

Have a fantastic day!

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