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Good workouts this week; May 2009 TSM!

Friday, May 1, 2009 by  
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It’s finally Friday! Man, what a week this has been. I’m so ready to kick back and take a couple days off from everything. The end of the work day can’t get here soon enough. The first of the month is always a very busy day for me, however, so I have a lot to accomplish before I can wrap up the work week.

With the obvious exception of the workout I skipped on Monday, I’ve had some pretty darn good training sessions this week. There’s no getting around it: I really lost a lot of strength and size during the month I took off after Turtle’s death. After how hard I worked during my four month bulk, I have to admit that the size and strength that I’ve lost is a little upsetting. That said, I’m really starting to become more comfortable with my recent realization that being huge and/or completely shredded is losing its appeal. Still, there’s always that competitive side of me, scratching and clawing for attention. Right now I feel like I’m standing on a high wire, flailing my arms around in an effort to keep my balance and not fall. I’m sure that in time I’ll find my step.

Be sure to check out the May 2009 Transformation Spotlight of the Month! Phoenix’s story is just incredible. He’s overcome so much in his life, and I’m really proud of him. The link is just below this update…

Time for me to get back to work. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

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