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Sunday stats.

Sunday, May 3, 2009 by  
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Week #4 of my 2009 cut is behind me. Let’s see how I’m doing…

My scale weight this morning is 207 pounds – a 4 pound drop from last week’s weight of 211 pounds. Last week I was pretty bloated with water from a “cheat” meal, so the 4 pound drop is not nearly as drastic as it sounds.

My body fat reading this morning is 13.6% (as measured by the Fat Track PRO Digital Body Fat Calipers). That’s a bit of a drop from last week’s reading of 13.8%, and down from my initial reading of 14.6%.

I’ve lost another quarter inch from my waist and hips. So, after four weeks I’m down one full inch off my waist, one full inch from my hips and a 1/4 inch from my thighs.

All my stats, past and present, can always be found on the stats page. My complete 2009 cutting diet is here, and my training program is here. If you are interested in obtaining a diet and training program customized just for you and your goals, please contact Mastover.

I made pretty good progress this week, and I didn’t feel compelled to be perfect (and I wasn’t!)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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