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Great workout yesterday; Another lunch meeting?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 by  
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Yesterday I had another excellent, high energy workout. I’m really liking the new workout time that I’ve been experimenting with this week, and so I’ve decided that I’m going to start working out around 12:45 PM as much as I can. This new workout time works out well on several levels, one of which is that everyone I work with is usually on lunch break at that time, so there’s less chance that someone will try to get hold of me while I’m in the gym. Another benefit is that I seem to have more energy at the earlier time.

I might have another lunch meeting today. If so, I’m not going to take any special foods or bring a cooler: I will do as I did for last week’s meeting and simply pick something relatively healthy from the menu. There may be a point later in my cut (as I dip into the single digit body fat percentages) where I’ll need to be very strict strict, but I don’t anticipate that phase lasting more than a few weeks. That kind of strictness, applied now, would certainly get me to my goal a little quicker, but at this point I can definitely keep making progress without it.

Today is a cardio only day, and if we have that meeting I may go ahead and do it this morning after meal #1. I really don’t want to shower for the meeting, then come home and do my HIIT cardio and then have to shower again!

Well, I’m off to work now. See you tomorrow!

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