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Pizza cravings last night; Rant against SEARS.

Thursday, May 7, 2009 by  
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We wound up not having that lunch meeting yesterday, so it was business as usual for my diet and training.

I was craving pizza something terrible last night, and it took a lot of willpower not to order one. Even though I’m striving to obtain symmetry between my fitness life and the rest of my life, giving in to every craving by wrapping it up in a pretty “I’m being balanced” package would be really dumb. I’ll savor the notion that I can have a pizza this weekend if I want.

I normally try to keep this blog pretty positive, and I rarely use it as a bully pulpit – especially when it comes to matters that have nothing to do with fitness. This morning, however, I’m going to complain a bit…

Sears sucks. I will never give so much as another dime of my money to Sears under any circumstances. All of the appliances in my new home were purchased at Sears (this was not my choice, it was a deal between Sears and the builder of my home). Over the past year or so I’ve had to deal with Sears’ unbelievable horrible customer service department quite a few times. Every single time I’ve contacted them it’s been an absolute nightmare. This latest incident has been about the same as every other incident. It would take me hours to detail everything that’s happened, but the bottom line is Sears is finally coming to fix my dishwasher (which is under extended warranty) this morning after over a month of phone calls (many of which were mysteriously dropped after incredibly long hold times), broken promises, missed service dates, back ordered parts, unintelligible customer service reps, inaccurate information and outright lies (or just total ineptitude). At one point about three weeks into the process I was completely frustrated, and said to a customer service manager, “Sears is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. You guys suck so bad it’s almost incomprehensible.” She replied, “I know.” Anyway, if this rant can save even one person the frustration I’ve gone through, then I’m glad I posted it. I can’t say this strongly enough: Don’t ever buy from Sears.

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