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Yay! I’m on vacation!

Yay! As of this morning I’m on vacation! I’m off from today through Monday, July 6th. This will be my final update to this site until Monday, July 6th. While I’m off I’ll probably continue to make regular updates to my Facebook account, so if you are on there and want to friend me, please feel free to do so. I sometimes talk about fitness stuff on Facebook, but for the most part I try… [Read more]

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Good workouts this week; Article in “The Globe and Mail”; AtLarge sale!

Today is sort of like Friday for me, because it’s the last day of work before my vacation! Also, I just found out that my company is giving us Monday, July 6th off for the 4th of July (rather than the expected Friday, July 3rd), so I’ve got a bonus day tacked on to the end of my vacation as well! Diet and training have gone very well this week. Yesterday afternoon I banged out… [Read more]

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Stall busted!

Ha! Yesterday I mentioned the cutting stall that I was going through, but this morning I woke up 1.4 pounds lighter than I was yesterday morning. This brings my scale weight down to 204.6 pounds, which is a new low for this cut (by a full pound). As just about anyone who’s cut body fat already knows, stalls are very common. The most important advice I can give to you when your progress slows or… [Read more]

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Stalled; Vacation plans.

My scale weight has been flat lined for the past six days. It looks like I’ve entered my first stall of this cut. Stalls are very frustrating because when you are doing everything right it really sucks when you don’t see the progress you are working so hard for. That said, stalls are pretty much part of the dieting game. Sometimes the weight will begin to come off again, and sometimes an adjustment is in… [Read more]

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Please, make the cravings STOP!

I have no idea how I made it through the weekend without breaking my diet, but I did. My cravings have been absolutely out of control. Yesterday I was craving popcorn so much that I literally could not stop thinking about it (and whining about it – I can’t believe Lisa didn’t kill me). At one point I said, “I can’t take it anymore! I have to make some popcorn!” I couldn’t believe that I’d… [Read more]

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Weekly progress report.

It’s Sunday, and time for my weekly tape measurements, 7-point body fat caliper reading, weigh-in and progress evaluation. My scale weight this morning is 205.6 pounds, down from last Sunday’s weight 207.2 pounds and my starting weight of 215.2 pounds. That’s a 1.6 pound loss over the past week, and a grand total scale weight loss of 9.6 pounds since I started 3 weeks ago. My body fat reading this morning is 12.8% (as measured… [Read more]

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Brutal Friday night cravings; Rest.

I was still feeling a little under the weather yesterday evening, and there was a strong temptation to eat so-called “comfort food”. My regular diet sounded very unappetizing to me, and my resolve was weak. It’s times like last night where my “all or nothing” approach pays off. The only thing that kept me from giving in was my three week streak of being 100% perfect with my diet and training. The momentum I’ve built… [Read more]

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Lisa is sick, I’m trying not to be; Friday!

Lisa has come down with something and is running a fever. Yesterday I also started to feel progressively worse as the day wore on. I thought about skipping my workout, but ultimately I decided that I didn’t feel that bad and that I should train. I wish I could say it was a great workout, but it really wasn’t. My energy levels were not too high and it felt forced. Still, I’m glad I got… [Read more]

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What a week; R.I.P. Chris “Swolecat” Janusz.

This has been one of the most stressful roller coaster weeks I’ve ever experienced. I don’t really want to go into details right now, but I will say that I’m feeling a bit tired and run down this morning. I think the best thing I can do to combat the stress is get in the gym this afternoon and absolutely kill it! I was saddened to learn that former sponsor Chris “Swolecat” Janusz passed away… [Read more]

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Stress affecting weight loss; Can’t wait for my new computer!

This week has been so busy and stressful that I think it’s having an effect on my weight loss. I’m already down two more pounds since Sunday, and nothing with my diet and training has changed. Hopefully the 2 pounds I’ve lost over the past 3 days is mostly fat and not lean mass. Even though things have been crazy at work, I’ve managed to get all my meals in and my training has gone… [Read more]

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