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Here I go; June TSM!

Monday, June 1, 2009 by  
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Today is an important day for me. First and foremost, it’s the first day of my ultra-strict cutting diet. Believe me, I’m 100% mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to see this through until I hit my goal of 8% body fat. I will not eat so much as one bite of food that is not on my planned cutting diet, and I will not miss any workouts for any reason (short of an injury).

Today is the final day of work before I start my vacation. I’m using this time off to get re-focused on my diet and training, and basically to kick things into high gear. Sure, I’ll relax and have some fun, but there will be no cheat meals, no alcohol and no slacking when it comes to my training. Also, unlike most of my vacations, I will be updating this page daily. I need to stay focused on fitness, and doing these updates helps in that regard.

You know how sometimes you just need a break from training? Well right now I feel completely opposite of that. What I’m craving right now are some of the most intense and brutal workouts my gym has ever seen. I can’t wait to tear into my leg workout this afternoon. If I don’t crawl out of that gym on my hands and knees then I didn’t work hard enough!

I have a ton of work to get done today, but before I sign off I want to remind everyone to check out the June Transformation Spotlight of the Month. Ronn’s story is an inspiring one, and I know you’re going to enjoy his interview. Details are immediately below this update.

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