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Why temptations make me stronger.

Saturday, June 6, 2009 by  
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I woke up this morning feeling very pleased about my effort over the past week: I put together a string of four extremely intense workouts, and my diet was 100% spot-on. I started off this week with the aim of getting myself back into the “all or nothing” mindset that I require to reach my target of 8% body fat, and I very much feel that I have succeeded.

While I’m off to a solid start, I can not allow myself to become complacent. There’s a lot of work left to be done, and there will be many challenges, cravings and other potential pitfalls in the weeks that lie ahead. For example, right now I’m craving popcorn like you would not believe. Saturday is a day I normally relax and watch a movie up in the theater while munching on popcorn. While there’s no problem with that when I’m maintaining, there’s no place for movie theater popcorn while I’m working towards single digital body fat.

You might be wondering why I torture myself by watching my popcorn video at times like these. I’m telling you, I seem to get off on making things as challenging as possible. I think it’s my stubborn nature: if I feel like I’m being pushed, then I’m compelled to push back even harder. I can’t help it. So, when I watch that popcorn video I feel like it’s saying, “Ha! You can not resist me!” and I’m like, “Oh yeah, screw you – watch me.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed that brief, but terrifying, trip into my twisted psyche.

I think I’m going to get out in the yard this morning and do some work. I don’t feel like sitting around the house today, and the plants are about due for their early summer fertilization. I hope you enjoy your Saturday! I’ll be back tomorrow with my weekly measurements and progress update. See you then!

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