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Welcome back MASS NUTRITION!

Some of you may recall that Mass Nutrition was a sponsor here in 2006; this morning I’m excited to welcome them back!

A brief backstory is in order here…

As most of you know, I’ve always strived to select sponsors that are the absolute best at what they do, and I personally endorse each and every one of them. While some amount of product overlap among our sponsors is unavoidable, I’ve also taken great care to choose sponsors that don’t directly compete with one another. Until 2006, JSF never had a full-line, national brand supplement sponsor. Prior to 2006 I’d been approached by quite a few full-line supplement shops that wanted to sponsor JSF, but I always refused the offers. The reason I refused those offers is because I was trying (unsuccessfully, as it were) to get Mass Nutrition to come aboard.

I started purchasing from Mass Nutrition all the way back in 2005 because their prices were the lowest I could find anywhere. I continued to purchase from them because their customer service, shipping times, shipping rates and prices are the best I’ve ever seen.

Once I realized how good Mass Nutrition was, I approached them about becoming a JSF sponsor. Keep in mind that Mass Nutrition is the ONLY JSF sponsor I’ve ever approached “cold” – I was that impressed with them. When I first contacted them about a possible JSF sponsorship, they were already involved in a number of advertising campaigns, and politely refused my invitation. I continued to order from them, and continued to let them know the door was always open…

In 2006 Mass Nutrition finally accepted my offer, and they were a sponsor here for almost a year. They did a great job, but towards the end of their time here they were absolutely overwhelmed with orders and unable to provide the fast shipping times that we’d all come to expect from them. They did the honorable thing, and gracefully bowed out while they worked on the problems…

… which brings us to the present. Over the past three years Mass Nutrition has completely streamlined their operation, and they also moved to a brand new warehouse (they still have two physical storefronts in the Miami area as well). Most of the thousands of products they stock now ship within 24 hours.

Here’s what you’re going to like about Mass Nutrition:

Mass Nutrition is the place to shop for all your national brand supplement needs! Please give them a try, and then take a few moments to post your thoughts in the Mass Nutrition official review and discussion thread on the forum.