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I’m in machine mode.

Thursday, June 11, 2009 by  
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Yesterday when I was preparing my orange roughy and broccoli meal, I was thinking “Oh man, I really don’t want to eat this.” As hungry as I was, I knew I was going to have to force the meal down. While I was seasoning the fish, I realized something incredibly cool: my brain – even subconsciously – didn’t consider the notion of eating something off my planned diet! This is the mental place I love to be in. I call it “machine mode”. The reason I call it “machine mode” is because I execute my cutting plan just as a machine would go about its programmed duties – without choice. When I’m in this mental state there is zero chance of deviating from what I’m supposed to do, and that’s because that option literally no longer exists in my mind. “All or nothing” works so well for me because it allows me to get to this mental place.

A lot of people say they could never diet down without at least one weekly cheat meal. Those people say that cheat meals help keep them sane, and I totally understand that, but for me cheat meals have the opposite effect: they are what drives me insane. The all or nothing approach is definitely hard at the beginning, but after a couple of weeks it gets so much easier for me. Dietarily speaking I have already crested the hill, and now I’m coasting right along to the finish line. The only thing between me and my goal of 8% body fat is a little more time… oh, and a bunch of brutal workouts! The gym is one place I never coast.

I’m going to get to work now, lots to do. Later today I’ll be hitting my back and biceps – can’t wait!

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