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Stalled; Vacation plans.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 by  
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My scale weight has been flat lined for the past six days. It looks like I’ve entered my first stall of this cut. Stalls are very frustrating because when you are doing everything right it really sucks when you don’t see the progress you are working so hard for. That said, stalls are pretty much part of the dieting game. Sometimes the weight will begin to come off again, and sometimes an adjustment is in order. I’ll continue for the rest of the week and if my progress remains stalled then I’m pretty sure Mastover will want to make some adjustments to my diet.

Well, my last attempt at a vacation from work (just three weeks ago) failed miserably. I’m going to take another stab at it next week. I was just approved for some more time off (Friday, June 26 through Sunday, July 5). Even after this vacation is over, I still have 5 more vacation days to use by August 1st. I didn’t mean to save the vacation days up like that, but it’s been tough trying to find a good time to break away from my work. Anyway, last time I was on vacation I didn’t take a break from updating this site, but this time I am going to. I really need a break from everything – everything except my diet and training, which I can assure you will continue with a 100% effort while I’m off. My final update to this site will be on Friday, June 26, and my normal daily updates will resume on Monday, July 6th.

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