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What a week.

To say this has been a long, difficult week would be a colossal an understatement. The combined effects of stress and lack of sleep had me in a zombie-like state for a couple of days earlier in the week, but over the past few days I’ve made a strong recovery. This morning I’m feeling confident that no matter what happens with my current job I’m going to be just fine. As I mentioned yesterday, the… [Read more]

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Changes are coming; Feeling good!

Some very interesting, and potentially promising, events happened at work yesterday. I’m not at liberty to discuss the details at this time – and I’m definitely not getting my hopes up just yet – but what I can say is there is still a chance things may work out. I may not know anything concrete for a week or so, but for now there’s at least some hope. No matter what happens, this situation at… [Read more]

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Thoughts on what’s next for me.

Apparently not much was accomplished at yesterday’s meeting between the owner of my company and the owner of the company trying to buy out our contracts (if you missed yesterday’s update, give it a read). This is disapointing news because it will only prolong the suspense and my level of stress. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what it is I want to do. There is a small chance that my company –… [Read more]

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Bad news; My training plans.

The news at yesterday’s meeting was not good news. The situation is very complicated, but the essence of what’s happening is this: my company is involved in a business relationship with a larger company that is under new ownership. The new owner of this company is very aggressive, and wants to buy us out of the vast majority of our existing contracts (what we do, primarily, is provide broadband Internet services to student housing). As… [Read more]

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The big meeting is today.

For the most part I managed to shove the knowledge of today’s ominously titled “critical meeting” to the back of my mind and enjoyed my weekend. I didn’t sleep very well last night, however, and I’m feeling pretty tired and stressed this morning. I don’t know what’s going to happen at the meeting, but I’m prepared for the worst. I’m going to wait until after today’s meeting to decide if I’m going to continue this… [Read more]

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Taking the day off.

Lisa’s back from her trip, and I’m taking the day off to spend it with her. Have a great Sunday!

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So much for relaxing; Went a little nuts last night.

I’ll be receiving some potentially life-altering news on Monday at a hastily called “critical” work meeting. I don’t know if I’ll be job hunting on Tuesday or what, so I think I’m going to delay my cut/bulk/maintain decision until after the meeting. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty stressed right now. I sort of fell apart last night and got exceptionally drunk. Apparently I ordered a pizza, too. I hope it was good. Lisa is… [Read more]

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Going to relax this weekend.

I have not felt this indecisive in a long, long time (re: yesterday’s update). Feeling wishy-washy is pretty strange experience for me because normally when faced with a choice I am able to examine the data, make a decision and then move forward with no second-guessing and no regrets. I’ve always seen indecision as a weakness, so right now I’m not feeling real good about the way I’ve been behaving lately. I’m annoyed with myself,… [Read more]

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Stall; Indecision.

My fat loss has been stalled for a few days now. This stall is pretty frustrating because my cravings have been absolutely off the charts insane. There’s nothing worse than resisting bad cravings and not being “rewarded” for it. Further – and maybe this is just my mind playing tricks on me (but I don’t think it is) – every time I look in the mirror I’m discouraged by how much muscle I lost when… [Read more]

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Ran out of propane in the middle of cooking meal #5.

Yesterday I started preparing meal #5 by putting the red potatoes in the toaster oven and firing up the grill. After about 8 minutes I went out back to put the frozen burger on the flame (I preform my burger patties and then freeze them), but the grill was off. Turns out the propane level indicator, which works based on the weight of the propane tank, had become stuck. I was totally out of propane…. [Read more]

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