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Sunday stats – a bit of a backslide.

Sunday, July 12, 2009 by  
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I’m cracking up! This morning I was going to write up my usual detailed weekly progress report, but as it turns out that won’t be necessary at all. If you want to find out my current stats, all you have to do is go read the final progress report I made before I went on vacation. That’s right, every single measurement this morning is 100% identical to the measurements I made the Sunday before my vacation: my scale weight, my tape measurements and even my body fat reading. I had actually lost a bit more after those measurements were taken but before my vacation started, so I definitely lost some ground by relaxing my diet.

I’ve maintained that I’m glad I decided to chill out on my strict diet while on vacation, but this morning I’m feeling a bit of regret for the first time. I hate backsliding, and I lost the momentum I worked so hard to build. I’m so “all or nothing” that on a certain level it’s almost comical.

Well, by next weekend I should be breaking new ground again with regards to my cutting progress. I’m sure I’ll feel better then, but right now I’m a little irritated with myself.

On a more positive note, Lisa’s parents are coming over to spend the day with us. We always have so much fun when they come over; they are so laid back and funny. I know people who’d rather go to a funeral than a family gathering, so I feel very fortunate to have in-laws that I genuinely enjoy hanging out with.

I need to wrap this up and start cleaning the house. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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