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I overslept; Frank’s hot sauce is awesome!

Monday, July 20, 2009 by  
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I overslept this morning by an entire hour! I almost never sleep so much as a minute past 6:00 AM, and Loki is an amazingly accurate backup alarm. I guess we were both tired, because when I woke up at 6:57 he was lying next to me just snoring away. It’s amazing how quickly dogs can wake up and become alert. Even at Loki’s advanced age of 13, he can snap out of a deep sleep in an instant. As soon as I got out of bed and started stumbling towards the bathroom, Loki bolted awake and ran straight after me wide-eyed and tail wagging at 100 miles per hour. Nothing excites Loki more than food, and he seemed to know his breakfast was an hour late.

Franks hot sauce

Franks hot sauce

Speaking of late breakfasts, it’s 8:36 AM and I have not even started cooking mine yet. I was supposed to eat 30 minutes ago. I’m pretty excited about this morning’s breakfast, too. Why?

Yesterday morning I cracked open my very first bottle of Frank’s hot sauce and put it all over my egg whites. Just like it says on the bottle, it adds just the right balance of heat and flavor. I am going to try some on my chicken breast this afternoon, too. If you’re sensitive to heat you may find it too hot, but I love hot and spicy foods and thought it was actually pretty mild compared to some stuff I’ve had. There’s a fair amount of sodium in there, so I didn’t salt my egg whites and that worked out perfectly.

I’d better go get breakfast started. Have a great day!

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